Have you heard that the programming profession is the direction of the future? Are you going or planning to go to school with IT profile and want to develop yourself beyond it? Do you feel like a fish in the water in coding and want to prove yourself, or maybe you are just starting and looking for a specific source of knowledge? In any case, we can help you! In this category you will find exercises on the PHP programming language, which nowadays is the core of the back-end. If you don't know - PHP is responsible for up to 80% of websites and applications! That's why PHP exercises will be a great direction for your development. In this category you will find both task packages for new programmers and for those who know a little more about programming. The packages contain as many as five PHP exercises that are designed to develop your programming skills in this language. They are based on the knowledge of the people who created them, who use PHP every day in their work as Back-end developers. Don't worry that your money will be spent unnecessarily, we guarantee the development of your skills!


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