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Is there a better way to test skills than to confirm them with a more experienced person? Definitely not, after all this is the system in which a person operates while attending school (tests, exams). Code Review is just such a test from the art of programming. For each of our products we offer you to give your code to an experienced programmer, who will check your creation and its quality. The offer is to be used on our products. After checking your code, our programmer gives you all the advice you could possibly need. He checks every, even the smallest, detail of your work, e.g. style, errors, more about what you can learn from the opinion of our specialist you can find here: https://quesflo.com/en/content/12-code-review. Then he comes back to you with Feedback, from which you can learn what to improve. As we wrote above - the offer includes every product you can find on our site. You can buy them both without and with CR service. However, if you decide to use Code Review - nothing lost, buy Code Review packages and continue learning.


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