Code Review

1) What is Code Review?

2) Instruction for receiving the Code Review for the purchased product

3) Instruction for using the Code Review from the package

What is Code Review?

Code Review (CR) is a practice used in almost every company that develops software. It consists in passing the written code to another programmer to check (usually a programmer with more experience).

The task of this person is to check the quality of the code, to check the correctness of naming variables, functions, classes, etc. and to check whether there are no remnants of the development stage in the written code (unnecessary comments, unused lines of code, accidental imports, etc.). The CR developer also pays attention to the style of writing code, so that it is consistent throughout the project, e.g. whether the indentation is done correctly, whether there are no semicolons, etc. The CR developer can also look for places that can be improved in terms of performance, style or functionality. After the Review is finished, the programmer who owns the code receives feedback (answer) from the person who did it, so he knows what he needs to improve, change and what mistakes not to make.

Doing a Code Review does not check how the code works!

Instruction for receiving the Code Review for the purchased product

To get Code Review choose one of the following two ways.
The first option is more difficult but professional, while the second is for people who cannot cope with the first.

First way

The first way is to get a Code Review by doing a "merge request" on the GitLab platform.

If you don't know how to do a "merge request", this link gives you instructions straight from the documentation

  • If you don't already have an account on the GitLab platform, create one.
  • Create a repository, it is important that the name of the repository includes the name of the product you wish to CR and the order number where the product was purchased e.g. exercises-javascript-basic-level-1-code-review-OGFDWMHPO.
  • In response to the email sent to us mentioned at the very bottom of the section, you will receive the username of our account on GitLab. Add our account to your repository with "developer" role.
  • Create a new branch from master / main.
  • Upload your code to the newly created branch, do a commit and push.
  • From within the GitLab platform do a "merge request" of your branch to the master / main. In the "Assignee" and "Reviewer" fields, select our account that you previously added to the repository.
  • GitLab itself will notify you that we have started doing Code Review for you, via the email you provided when you created your account.

Second way

Compress your code folder and then attach it to the email mentioned at the bottom of the section. If you have trouble sending the compressed folder then you can upload it to google and share the link.

Once you have chosen how you would like to receive the Code Review, send us an email

Send an email to

The title of the email must be the name of the product and the order number in which the product was purchased.

Please write in your message which way of receiving the Code Review you have chosen.

If it is the option through the GitLab platform, then in response to this email you will receive our account username on this platform. If it is the second option, you will receive your code with our comments and feedback in reply.

Instruction for using Code Review from the package

To use the Code Review from the package, do the same as in the "Instruction for receiving the Code Review for the purchased product" section.

In addition, the email to us must state that you wish to use CR from the package and the order number in which the package was purchased.


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